Join the 1st season of Bitty Quiz at mBitcasino!

Join the 1st season of Bitty Quiz at mBitcasino!

Are you ready for a full and the 1st season ever of Bitty Quiz at mBitcasino?

You’ve got a glimpse of it in the fun preseason but now we’re taking it to the next level.

We’re increasing the number of winners on the leaderboard, adding three new unique badges, tons of fun, and the opportunity to level up faster on the 2nd season of the Loyalty Program.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading.

New Bitty Quiz Leaderbord

The old Bitty Quiz leaderboard had only 6 spots, but now we’ve added 2 more:

1st place100 Free Spins2nd place85 Free Spins3rd place70 Free Spins4th place55 Free Spins5th place45 Free Spins6th place35 Free Spins7th place25 Free Spins8th place15 Free Spins

This way, you have bigger chances of winning and earning the bragging rights of your pears. We’ll make sure of that with:

3 Unique, Limited-Edition Badges

You can show off your skills with these badges + we’re adding some incredible perks on top.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tier 1 – Explorer

5% faster progress in Loyalty50 Bitty Coins 

Tier 2 – Trailblazer

+ 10 Free Spins for every Bitty Quiz win until the end of the season10% faster progress in Loyalty100 Bitty Coins

Tier 3 – ConQUIZtador

+ 30 Free Spins for every Bitty Quiz win until the end of the season20% faster progress in Loyalty300 Bitty Coins

Important: After obtaining a badge, the number of wins will reset.

Here’s a sneak peek of how your profile is going to look:

Level up faster on the Loyalty Program!

Free Spins, Bitty Coins, badges, and now a faster level up on the season 2 of the Loyalty Program!

Bitty Quiz is getting better and better.

Keep your eyes on the Discord and make sure you’re participating in every quiz. The more you do, the more chances you have of winning the badges and ascending higher on the Loyalty Program.

Lastly, we have more surprises in the works for you, so stay tune for more at mBitcasino!

Author: Nelson Boyd