Join the Season 2 of the Loyalty Program!

Join the Season 2 of the Loyalty Program!

mBitcasino just launched its second season of the Loyalty Program, and guess what? We’ve added more perks to ensure your adventure is even more interesting than the last time!

The season 2 of the Loyalty Program runs from July 1 to October 1.

On top of the 10 levels of excitement, we’ve added a Grand Raffle with exciting prizes and a special connection to Bitty Quiz winners.

If you want to see what the next three months have in store for you as a mBit member in the Loyalty Program, then keep on reading.

12 Special Loyalty Program Benefits

Grand RaffleFaster Level Ups (with Bitty Quiz wins)Planet Bonuses(Daily) Cashback(Daily) Promotions/EventsDedicated VIP Team24/7 Customer Support(Weekly) Personalized Free SpinsExchangeable Bitty Coins(Weekly) Reloads2000+ GamesLightning-Fast Withdrawals

10 Levels of fun and prizes

If you’ve enjoyed our first season of the Loyalty Program, then don’t worry, you can still enjoy the 10 Planets Level Ups as before. Here’s a rundown of what perks you can enjoy on each level:

Earth (0 Status points):

2% Daily Cashback10% Weekly Reload

Dreamland II (1 Status Point):

30 Weekly Free Spins2% Daily Cashback15% Weekly Reload1 Bitty Coin

Frenzy III(1 Status Point):

40 Weekly Free Spins2% Daily Cashback20% Weekly Reload3 Bitty Coins

Zeal IV(10 Status Points):

50 USDT Cash bonus50 Weekly Free Spins2.5% Daily Cashback30% Weekly Reload10 Bitty Coins

Pizzaz V(40 Status Points):

150 USDT Cash bonus70 Weekly Free Spins3% Daily Cashback35% Weekly Reload40 Bitty Coins

Thrillium VI (150 Status Points):

200 USDT Cash bonus100 Weekly Free Spins3.5% Daily Cashback40% Weekly Reload150 Bitty Coins

Bliss VII (400 Status Points):

300 USDT Cash bonus150 Weekly Free Spins5% Daily Cashback50% Weekly Reload400 Bitty Coins

Euphoria VIII(1000 Status Points):

500 USDT Cash bonus300 Weekly Free Spins7.5% Daily Cashback55% Weekly Reload1000 Bitty Coins

Cloud IX (5000 Status Points):

1000 USDT Cash bonus1000 Weekly Free Spins10% Daily Cashback60% Weekly Reload5000 Bitty Coins

The Moon (25000 Status Points):

5000 USDT Cash bonus2000 Weekly Free Spins15% Daily Cashback100% Weekly Reload25000 Bitty Coins

Bitty Quiz Wins Fasten Level Ups

If you enjoy a good quiz and win, there are more than just Free Spins waiting for you. That’s right!

In season 2 of the Loyalty Program, mBitcasino offers amazing level-up perks to Bitty Quiz Winners. The more Bitty Quiz wins you have, the easier it will be for you to level up on the Loyalty Program.

Are you ready for an unforgettable season 2?!

Author: Nelson Boyd