Labourer from Kerala Wins Rs 12 Crore Jackpot

indian lottery kerala

A daily wageworker from the state of Kerala won a mega jackpot worth Rs 12 Crore. The first thing he will do is pay back three loans worth Rs 7 lakh.  

P Rajan (53) went to the bank to ask about a fourth loan to pay back his other loans. Luckily for him, he bought a lottery ticket on his way home! He did not expect to win; he simply ordered his regular ticket, hoping that the gods of luck would smile down on him. 

indian lottery kerala

He could not believe his luck when he won the Kerala State Lottery Christmas-New Year bumper prize. Now he is worth Rs 12 crore! His wife used to quarrel with him about buying the tickets; she will never do it again! For a lottery ticket that cost Rs 300, their lives are forever changed!

He won the first prize from the Monday draw, after buying a ticket from an outlet in Koothuparambha in the Kannur district. When nobody came to claim the prize, there was disbelief. However, when Rajan checked his ticket number on Tuesday (ST 269609), he saw that he has won highest prize money in Kerala State lottery history: Rs 12 crore!

At first, his wife did not believe him, but after several people came to congratulate him, she was forced to accept the joyous truth. Rajan is a rubber tapper by trade. His youngest son was forced to abandon his studies to help run the business, while his youngster daughter is a 12th grade student. He will pay off his Rs 7 lakh loans first, then complete building his house.

After tax, he will be left with between Rs 7 and 8 crore. We hope he will invest his money wisely to protect his and his family’s future.

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Author: Nelson Boyd